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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your leads?

Our team spends weeks handpicking and researching decision makers that are currently hiring for positions your agency services. All data points are publicly available.

What types of businesses do you serve?

We serve a wide-array of agencies. Typically we service creative agencies, full-service agencies, productized service agencies, digital agencies, etc.

Where are these companies and decision makers located?

They're located within the U.S.

Why is Leadtro the best?

We're the only service that provides you with decision makers that are CURRENTLY HIRING for specific job positions.

Why do you only have 10 spots available?

So that the probability of any competition is extremely minimal. We keep our prices high, in order to have very few, high quality customers.

What types of companies are included in your lists?

We include companies that are currently hiring for positions your agency can service. Startups, non-profits, and established businesses.